Awareness Campaign – We Are Watching (Belém do Pará City)

Called WE ARE WATCHING, the campaign to combat sexual violence against children and adolescents was designed to alert the population in the North of the country about one of the biggest problems in the states of Amazonas and Pará: child sexual exploitation in riverside regions, mainly in the island Marajó (state of Pará) and lower Amazon. Today, it is common for girls, in a great extent, to replace schools with programs with the owners of the rafts in exchange for food, kerosene, fuel used in boat engines, and energy generators, that are extremely valuable in the region. Conceived by Cucumber Propaganda, responsible for communication of Instituto Liberta, the campaign has posters and film, for TV and Internet, and gained reinforcement in the voice of the singer Fafá de Belém, who recorded a radio spot especially for the initiative, and with a series of spread banners in the city of Belém, on the occasion of the Syrian of Nazareth, which gathers thousands of people annually. The campaign has a partnership with the Government of Pará.

Printed Campaign

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