#Don’tBeSilent Campaign

Child sexual exploitation is a very serious social problem, directly linked to the population’s poverty and misery. And during the coronavirus pandemic, this problem got even worse.

Added to this, our children confined at home, without school, also lost their space for reception and complaints, thinking about this, we created an action to remember the importance of not being silent in the face of violence and child sexual exploitation.

We make thousands of masks with the message #Don’tBeSilent, and send them to personalities, influencers and partners of the cause. Names like Xuxa, Angélica, Felipe Melo, Fafá de Belém, Ana Hickmann, and many others, joined us and posted photos of themselves with the mask on their social networks along with a request for #Don’tBeSilent on child sexual violence and exploitation.

The campaign also reached the community of Nova Paraisópolis, the second largest favela in São Paulo! During our visit, we delivered hundreds of masks, watched the documentary “Um Crime Entre Nós”/“One Crime Among Us” followed by an enriching chat where several people from the community spoke about the topic.

The action is not over yet. More than 100,000 masks will still be delivered to public schools in the State of São Paulo during the return to school, to alert students to the importance of not being silent in the face of this problem.

As long as this doesn’t end, we won’t stop saying #Don’tBeSilent and #It’sTime to talk about child sexual exploitation.

Film: #Don’tBeSilent Paraisópolis

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